Weight loss challenges are always a barrier to most people when it comes to losing weight. Many people start out with strong determination, and although weight loss challenges are the most common solutions, it is difficult for many people to complete the weight loss challenges. According to the statistics regarding weight loss in the US, in the year 2021, the majority of adults in the US have tried to lose weight within 12 months but a third of adults in the United States are obese and nearly three-quarters are overweight. Most people who lose weight temporarily lose weight, end up gaining back all and more often than not being able to fulfill the weight loss challenges when doing weight loss.

Why is weight loss so difficult to achieve? Or, in other words, why are so few people performing and overcoming the challenges of losing weight? The reason may be the way people are trying to achieve it, or trying to lose weight too quickly, or trying to lose weight by exercising more and eating fewer calories. Exercise will increase muscle mass, hunger will lead you to eat more and unhealthy diets or improper weight loss will make it very difficult for you to lose weight.  

However, if you do the right thing and overcome the challenges of losing weight, losing weight shouldn’t be too difficult. Weight loss requires full implementation, serious and discipline the challenge to lose weight which mainly includes the challenges associated with eating, exercise, sports, sleeping think in life and daily activities. There is no specific formula for the challenge to lose weight because it depends on the age, status, and work of every mains. The weight loss was the result of a process of continuity in maintenance mode that food with fewer calories than the energy consumption over time and perform smart diet choices.   

An article will provide information regarding the challenge to lose weight to help you make when trying to lose weight for yourself, if fully implemented it will also contribute to the total possible on your weight loss. The article also provides information about beneficial health when you pass the challenge to lose weight and lose weight successfully and special offers 01 ways to help you earn more money when making weight loss challenges.


There are countless tutorials on how to overcome weight loss challenges, making it difficult to figure out which approach is right for you. However, before you start trying to lose weight, you must consider whether you should lose weight or not and if so reducing how much is good for health. While losing weight can help bring health benefits, then the weight is too much also can come with a health condition other as fatigue, bone weakness, and problems with fertility. Also, you need to understand the challenges to overcome when performance reduces weight challenges medicine are anonymous and processes. So whether you are trying to lose 5 or 10 kilograms, it is important to understand these weight loss challenges. That way, you will be armed with the knowledge to lose weight and the strategies that can help you overcome the obstacles to achieving weight loss success.         

The main challenges that need to be overcome to achieve this weight drone:

Challenge # 1: Reduce stress in your life

Almost everyone feels stressed at some point in the day related to work, health, family life, and relationships social. That all those pressures will increase stress hormones; to make research showed that while stress hormones rise high will increase the appetite rich in fat and sugar, to increase the level of body fat.

Solution: To help reduce stress, one of the best ways is to apply a 10-minute daily practice rule to reduce stress like: 

  • Walk for 10 minutes or walk outside if possible. 
  • Take 10 deep breaths in and do this for 10 minutes.
  • Find a quiet place to meditate for 10 minutes.  

Challenge #2: Not getting enough sleep every day

Most people don’t get enough sleep every day, especially at night. Currently, about 80% of people sleep less than 8 hours per night, not getting enough sleep can disrupt metabolism, imbalance hormones, and will feel more hungry and hungry. It shows that people who sleep less than the total number of hours (less than 7 or 8 hours) are more likely to be overweight or obese. 

Solution: To make sure you get enough time during the day, you need to sleep early at night and do whatever it takes to reach the recommended level of 7 to 8 hours per night. Especially if you are trying to lose weight.  


Challenge # 3: Drink sufficient amounts of water needed daily for the body

When you don’t drink enough water, your body can confuse hunger with thirst. This is why increasing the amount of water loaded can have a huge impact amount of food you eat during the day. 

weight loss challenges, Water need aday

So how much water is enough to drink, how to calculate the amount of water to drink per day by weight? There is a formula to help calculate a person’s water needs based on weight. Based on this formula, only need to know the weight, you absolutely can calculate the daily amount of water that your body needs to be level. The formula is as follows:  

The amount of water to drink: Number kilograms of weight x 2 x 0,5 x 0,03 = Number of liters of water required in 1 day.

For example, if a person weighs 55 kg, the daily water demand will be calculated as follows: 55kg x 2 x 0, 5 x 0, 03 = 1.65 liters. 

Average daily, an adult will need about 35g of water/1kg of body weight; For women, it is recommended to drink about 9 glasses of water, while this figure for men is 12 glasses. Children will have 3 to 4 times more water demand; Elderly people will tend to need less water due to their own physical and health characteristics. 

Always remember to pocket this “divine” recipe right away.

Solution: If you have trouble drinking water throughout the day, there are ways to remind yourself such as carrying a water bottle to always have a drink reminder; goals for themselves throughout the day by to start the day with a glass of water and drink at least two glasses before each meal or snack. That not only help curb the urge to eat right before eating but also a good way to remember to drink water.  

Challenge #4: Additional enough quality fiber, protein, and quality fat healthy meals daily

Eating more fiber can help keep you fuller for longer. For more fiber, eat fruits, vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, beans, and legumes. Some examples of items to eat slightly healthy, rich in fiber, and daily intake include: 

weight loss challenges

Protein, especially lean protein, is an essential part of any regime that eats dietetic yet. It fills the body, helps build and maintains muscle mass. Some of the best lean protein sources include Almonds (6 grams per serving); Tuna (6 grams per serving); Beans (7 grams per serving); Eggs (7 grams per serving); Tofu (9 grams per serving ); Roast chicken (15 grams per serving). According to recommendations, protein, also known as reference diet (DRI) is 0,36 grams of protein in every pound of body weight. The chart describes the daily amount of protein needed by the body:      

weight loss challenges, recommend_dailly_protein

The scooped fat can increase satiety, several healthy fats than other fats, so adding fat to the regime to eat and drink, it’s best to choose unsaturated fats rich in nutrients. These fats, known as polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, can be found in avocados, olives, nuts, and fatty fish like salmon.

Solution: Food eat more saturated fats such as red meat, whole milk, and butter. Instead, replace them with unsaturated fats like salmon, eggs, chicken, fruit butter, olive oil; eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, beans, and legumes in your daily diet for fiber and protein.  


Challenge #5: Maintain eating breakfast

Breakfast is dubbed the most important meal of the day, according to several studies that have found that skipping breakfast is associated with the risk of obesity, diabetes, and high cholesterol, while those who eat breakfast regularly have can maintain a healthier weight.        

Solution: Set the service company providing breakfast foods according to package (available on the week, month). This will put you in the default state that you already have breakfast and you will cultivate your breakfast habits in the long run.

Challenge #6: Add more vegetables and fruits to the diet of daily your

Adding fruits and vegetables to your daily diet is one of the easiest ways to cut calories without altering your intake, and starchy foods like sweet potatoes and avocado are very nutritious.   

Solution: Always order vegetables when eating at restaurants or buy more vegetables and supplements on the weekend or at dinner every day.


Challenge #7: Food diary

According to one study, researchers found that those who recorded food daily about what they were eating lost twice as much weight compared to those who did not write it down. Food records can be really helpful for writing down what you are eating so that you can check, eliminate and adjust the foods you need to eat daily.

Solution: If the diary seems to minute magazine with you, you also can use multiple applications to lose weight to help you follow the track of what you are eating and follow your goal plan.   

Challenge #8: Concentrate while eating

You may be tempted to eat lunch at your desk while completing a task, but it’s important to take a break from what you’re doing so that you can focus all your energy on eating. When people are doing something, maybe eating much more because mind eating will not concentrate because you’re focused on the task is done.

Solution: To avoid binge eating, stay away from the desk or turn off the TV and eat in the dining room. 

Challenge # 9: Maintain an exercise you enjoy

  • Exercise is one of the most important aspects of a healthy weight loss process, but it usually only works if you find the exercises you love and stick to them regularly. Many different types of exercise can aid your weight loss goals, and you should try a few until you find the one that works best. For example, consider the exercises: Yoga, Biking, Swimming, High-Intensity Interval (HIIT), Exercise….   
  • Take the stairs

You don’t have to complete a full exercise to burn calories. Changing habits stairs or walk more often can have huge benefits to your weight according to time. If you’ve been sitting at your desk for more than 2 hours, take a brisk walk to get active; During the day, try to take short walks that not only burn calories but may also reduce your risk of developing heart disease and other health problems associated with sitting for long periods.    

Solution: Signing up for a training course at the fitness center will help you be motivated as well as maintain regular exercise; take the short walk or walk for short distances and distances at work or near home.

Challenge #10: Cut down on alcohol and alcohol

Even if you’ve worked hard to maintain a healthy diet all day, drinking a few glasses of alcohol or alcoholic beverages will spoil your entire effort as alcohol or alcoholic beverages can easily reload the body with hundreds of calories. 

weight loss challenges

Solutions: Alcohol and non-alcoholic planning; Called non-alcoholic drinks at parties or when engaged eat drink at the restaurant.

Challenge #11: Maintain self-discipline

This is arguably the most important of all because you need to maintain strong and regular self-discipline to be able to achieve and overcome the above challenges. If you are unable to maintain discipline you will completely fail to lose weight.

The solution: Join a weight loss program or weight loss group to increase motivation and maintain self-discipline.


When you pass the weight loss challenges successfully, a weight suitable for height standard will benefit a lot of benefits for health and other benefits for themselves, this is The benefits are worth it for you to trade off training and successfully overcoming weight loss.

Reduce the risk of cancer mail: While most people know that the youngest smoking and too much sun can increase the risk of cancer, but few people realize that obesity is related to cancer, the reason is obesity-causing inflammation. Ever levels of inflammation can be reduced by reducing 5% of your body weight.

Improved memory: In a study of 1,000 people, memory tests after losing weight and before losing weight, brain scans showed that once we lose weight, there are more activities in when forming memories so a person’s memory will be better than before losing weight.  

Sleep better: They may seem completely unrelated, but snoring and weight loss are strongly linked. Sleep apnea and snoring are often caused by excess weight around the neck, which can go away with a loss of as little as 5%. So, when you’ve lost a little bit of weight, you can sleep better.  

Hair and skin improved towards better: When weight loss hair and skin will become stronger and less limp because many nutrients found in healthy foods will be used to beautify when making mode Eating and losing weight will help improve your appearance.

Eat better and don’t feel hungry often: According to a study of overweight people who have less sensitivity to taste than lean people, this is because their taste buds become faint when they’re overweight. While some dieters report feeling more hungry, if you go on a weight-loss diet you will feel less eating and not feel as hungry as before, due to eating healthy foods. The weight loss diet contains nutrients that help increase your feeling of fullness, such as protein and fiber.     

You’ll sweat less: When you’re overweight, you’re wearing a heavyweight shirt in a 40 degree, because fat insulates the body and raises the temperature. This is why obese people tend to sweat more than lean people. 

Increase the active energy of the body: After losing weight your body will have more energy than the healthy foods you are eating and when you lose weight your body will use less energy to function every day. Weight loss has also been shown to improve oxygen efficiency, so you probably won’t get tired while walking up the stairs or other body activities and movements.

Extending from guava life and help live longer: When losing weight means you have to maintain one diet healthy diet and physical activity fair, here are 2 basic elements help maintain youthful and limited aging of the body, thereby helping you to prolong life and live longer.

Your libido is improved: Sex will amazing when you lose weight and have a body neat. In a survey of 1200 people of different weights, obese people were 25 times more likely to be dissatisfied with the length of sex than lean people; Heavier men had the same libido levels as men nearly a decade older. According to research, losing just 10% of your body weight increases sexual satisfaction because when your BMI drops, testosterone levels increase making you more prone to arousal.    

Reducing drink drugs: The gain healthy weight can prevent diseases such as heart and diabetes and also weight loss can also help improve the symptoms of the current condition. That means you can take lower doses of current drugs or stop certain drugs altogether. This will save you a lot of money as well as avoid side effects in case of taking too much medicine.  

The job will be easier and more convenient: A slimmer physique will lead to a smarter brain. According to one study, obese people will have lower cognitive skills than lean people; Besides, obesity and weight will reduce the level of maneuvering as well as moving when working and less attractive in the eyes of people.


Weight loss has many benefits, but not everyone can overcome the weight loss challenges especially when you do it alone, you try to lose weight, but lose motivation before you reach it. weight loss goal; You will always have to fight with yourself for overcoming weight loss challenges such as dieting, exercising, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep… All that requires motivation and calculation. Your great disciplined self-awareness to execute and overcome it. According to research, if a disciplined self is required, very few people succeed without any motivation or action to push themselves.

But if you can lose weight and make money off it. That will be enough to get you motivated to stick with an exercise regime and eating diet. Luckily, there is a solution that will give you more motivation to overcome your weight loss challenges and earn more money. With the solution of this, you can do that. This is a solution that has been implemented by thousands of people and has been successful with it. HealthyWage (HW) is an online company that uses up to $10,000 cash prizes to make weight loss and exercise more enjoyable and effective. HW offers a unique, legal and potentially motivating way to get paid to reach your weight loss goals. Use their Prize Calculator to see how much you can win.   

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How does HW work?

HW is easy to use and compliant according to the process of 4 steps:

  1. Calculate your prize
  2. Place your bet
  3. Lose weight (that’s the hard part!)
  4. Make money (great!)

Use of the Award Calculator

Get started with HealthyWage’s free Award Calculator to choose your weight loss goal and see how much you can win.  

Important Note: Your minimum weight loss goal should be 10% of your body weight. For example, someone who weighs 100 pounds will have to lose at least 10 pounds. Your goal should also include how much weight you want to lose as well as the time frame (in months) you will lose them.  

After calculating the weight and time, you will set the amount you want to bet a month. When you adjust all the variables, you will find value g resolution files increased and decreased bonus based on data your input. You try to PC several times until you feel matches the commitment to lose weight and the scope of the award.

Tip to win: Take calculated to ensure the results you can do, do not aim too high (you may not perform), and do not be too low (it makes you lose dynamic force to lose weight). You can challenge yourself with the minimum scoop of HW (lose 10% of total weight and do it in 1 year). 

Enter your stats

After completing step 1, you will be taken through several screens where you will enter specific data about yourself, including Gender, Height, Current Weight, Waist Size.

See your bonus amount

To view your bonus amount, based on the date entered, you will need to enter your email address and create a password. To work this out for you, this article will aim to lose weight of 30 pounds in 9 months with a stake of 50 dollars monthly. The final prize amount is $ 500, or an 11% bonus. 


HW uses a proprietary algorithm to calculate the prize, so the prize can be different for 2 people entering the same information, so you need to focus on your own goals to be able to overcome past challenges and win prizes. According to statistics the average award for those who reach their goal is $1,331.

HW requirements

Payment information: When placing a bet, you will enter your credit card information. You can choose to pay all at once or pay monthly.

Verify your weight: This is a secret from HW, what can you ask yourself to stop people from entering high starting weights and charging when they magically dissipate? The way HealthyWage fights this is by asking users to verify their initial weight before the challenge starts and at the end of the challenge to see if they will reach your goal. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Download the HW ( iOS|Android) mobile app and have one of their referees witness your weight remotely.
  2. Create a short video and safely upload it to the HealthyWage website.

The only device you need to use HW is a smartphone and a scale. No other balance in this process, HW does not follow track your progress and does not include a way for you to track progress through the web or their applications. 

Complete the challenge

Your HW challenge ends on the scheduled date. To win the award, you simply need to reach your weight loss goal within the time frame you have set. As mentioned earlier, your weight will be verified at the end of the challenge. If you achieve your goal, you will earn an award. If not, you lose the amount you have staked at first. 

Why do you have to bet to lose weight?

According to n make research shows: Bonus cash can increase the effectiveness of weight loss programs and will help those who are more likely to act when their money at risk. 

HW is based on two scientific rules of practice of the human being: to encourage and create a feeling sense of loss. In simpler terms, this is the form of a carrot and a stick to motivate participants. Participants by betting real money on their weight loss success. (Though a lot of people sign up for gyms that never use them, so they’re losing money.) 

However, there’s something about money bets that motivates everyone differently. A study published in the Journal of American Medical Association found that people who had financial incentives to lose weight like achieving weight loss goals higher than 5 times compared with those without work money-related agencies. The fact that this method is working well, according to the statistic that HW participants have won a lot of bonuses from HW, means they have succeeded in implementing their weight loss and weight loss challenges. 

HW determine the winner and pay differently for participants

When you win a challenge, you’ll earn HW points, each worth one dollar. HW points will be added to your account at the end of the award announcement date. With your HW score you can do the following: 

  1. Payment request. 
  2. Use HW Points to join a new challenge.
  3. Use HW Points to pay on installments during an existing challenge (this requires emailing to HealthyWage’s accounting department to set up).

HW pays challenge winners by check or PayPal. According to their website, the fee for processing paper checks is $7.00. HW does not impose fees for PayPal payments, but PayPal may. 

Other ways to make money from HW

Besides placed bets to grace workers, HW also gives people different ways of making money. This is done through various individual and team challenges. You can participate in up to 10 challenges at once, which will double or triple your earning power for the same weight loss.  

Jackpot challenge: Available as an individual or team challenge, with the Jackpot challenge your money goes to a team. If you (or your team in the team challenge) lose 6% of your body weight by the end of the challenge, you will win the bonus.  

$10,000 Teamwork Challenge: 5-man teams compete for the biggest weight percentage reduction to win cash prizes. The top prize is $10,000.  

Is HW a scam?

Many have questioned whether HW is a scam because it is like gambling. On the surface, HealthyWage seems to benefit from the fact that the vast majority of people simply don’t follow a diet or exercise plan.  

However, there are reasons why HW is a legitimate business. First, HW has grown from 2009 to now and almost no one has yet received any money if they pass the challenges as prescribed. The fact, most of the money earned from the bet is lost will be transferred to pay for another challenge. HW makes money from grants, partnership companies, and the different charges that do not depend on the number of users who do not achieve health goals. According to statistics “success rates vary, with from 25% to 40% of participants winning their bets”. Although the HW model may seem like a gamble, it’s different because the participant has full control over the outcome, and the outcome is decided by the participant.    

The program is designed to provide awards for those with a hard weight loss. Over the years HW has paid out more than 20 million dollars to its winners. See the success stories of the users. That’s where you’ll find real-life participants who have made the necessary lifestyle changes to lose weight and win their best.

Please tell me or share with me when you successfully win prizes.