Tools for wood processing is very importand, following these simple steps to start wood processing will not only give you a great foundation to start each project but also to build your new business or hobby. And remember to follow all safety procedures and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for each tool you use.

With a budget of $ 1,000, will you have the tools for beginners to make furniture? “This tools for wood processing is about a set-up starting in woodworking in contrast to carpentry. The goal is to make furniture. Basic functions in a city, in particular, the most essential tools to start processing wood with an initial budget of $1000. These are tools for basic fundamentals and for building Simple small craftsmanship


Hand-held aircraft

First I want to have plane # 7 or # 8 and scrub plane, then add more special planes when I learn how to use them. (If I have money, space and dust collection system, I will probably get a draw frame and planer.). This is a kind of tool that says “they don’t make them the same as before” seem especially right. At least, that’s what my instructor told us. I think you can buy new, beautiful hand-held planes, but they are very expensive.

Spokesperson: Kunz151 flat and round bottom mouthpiece

Sharpening system for hand tools

Stone water surface combined with 1200/8000 of Japan ($ 35). – G9650 9 “x 12” x 3 “granite slabs, 2 edges ($ 30). – A sharpening guide for Somax No 22 ($ 12)

You will experience a LOT of sandpaper when you initially adjust your hand tools. I think you should spend at least $ 100 on sandpaper. The good news is that you only have to go through the flattening process once, and then you’re just working to maintain your advantage.

Hand saw

– Gyokucho Japanese sawmill for good work ($ 42). Counter-chainsaw ($ 5)


Irwin Marples Blue Chip Chisels ($ 70). There are many specific use chisels that you can add over time, but I don’t think you can skip the basic set.

Marking and measuring

Engineering Squares (set of four for $ 30) Robert Larson’s combined square ($ 9). Backers Dovetail Markers; Rosewood & Brass Marking marking knife measured ($ 30)


The rule is that you can never have enough clamps. I only have four bar clamps, two speed clamps and a few cheap C clamps.

Power tools: Saws, Band saws, Miter saws, Jig saws, Machines, drillers, wires Cordless drill Drills, orbital sand.

These are the necessary tools for beginners. Also you need to equip wood related skills. Refer to the wooden article here