How to stop worrying? In our lives, it can be said that anyone from the old to the young, from the rich to the poor or the workers to politicians or other objects and classes of society, more or less have anxiety. Possible worries about work, health, affection, friendships, colleagues, advancement, and career development. These worries always exist daily, some of them can cause anxiety in the nervous system, causing us to think, disorienting in work, and action. These worries over the years have been one of the biggest human problems.

The content of this article describes, cited ways to conquer or reduce anxiety. Humans need help to solve the problem of anxiety and it summed up what c evil philosophers of all ages have said about worry and apply a set of rules on how to reduce anxiety in life. These are descriptions to eliminate anxiety from life and are developed and drawn from the experiences of those who have succeeded in business and life. 

14 ways to help reduce anxiety:

1)  Live in the “Day-tight Compartments”      

Thomas Carlyle, a medical professor at Oxford who was knighted by the English king, was best honored for the people who had contributed to the health of the British Empire. He claimed that the secret of his success was due to what he called to live in “Day-tight Compartments” and was defined as follows:

The past stasis is the dead yesterday; The future is the unborn tomorrow, please close the past and bury its dead. The close side door of yesterday, closing future and past. The human day is now and the present day. You should not waste energy and spirit to suffer and worry about the past and the future. Close all front (past) and back (future) dividers to nurture the ‘enclosed space’ life habits of the current day.

Saying so does not have the meaning as basil does not attempt to prepare for tomorrow. But the best way to ch aggregates are for tomorrow is to concentrate with all the intelligence, enthusiasm to the work of today. That is the only feasible way to be able to prepare for the run tomorrow. The past has existed forever and the future is falling into the final syllable of time. We can not live in the eternal, so please live 01 only times we can live between now and when going to bed. Anyone can do their job, no matter how hard, in a day. Anyone can live sweet, patient, loving, pure until the sun goes down. And this is all life means, every day is a new life. Therefore, how to stop worrying:

–   Close the past and the future, live the present day in the “Day-tight Compartments”.

–   If you have anxiety issues, apply the formula by doing the following 3 things:       

1.  Ask yourself, “What is the worst that could happen?”

2.  Prepare to accept it.

3.  Then calmly proceed to improve that bad thing.

Action advice: You should ask yourself these questions write down the answer and act as soon as possible.

1.  Do I tend to stop living in the present to worry about the future or yearn for a “magic rose garden on the horizon”?

2.  Does it sometimes counteract the present by regretting things that happened in the past?

3.  Am I waking up in the morning and determined to “Catch the Day” to make the most of twenty-four hours?

4.  I can enjoy life more by living in the “Day-tight Compartments” does not?

5.  When will I start doing this? Next week? Tomorrow? Today?

2)  Analyze and solve problems that cause anxiety   

The formula described in Part 1) will only partially address the issue of anxiety. We need top customs to take further steps to analyze problems later:

a)  Get the facts: Why is it important, because unless we have the truth, we can not even resolution files decide your problems one of smart when with the truth, all That we can do is confusion and lack of information is the main cause of anxiety.        

Half of the world’s anxiety is caused by people trying to decide to have enough information to make a decision, if there’s a problem facing you, you should refuse to even decide it until it happens. During that time, you should focus on learning all the facts related to the problem and focusing on getting the facts. When the truth would help look right about the problem, the Article eliminates your feelings.   

So the rule is: Get the facts, do not try to solve the problem while not collect all the facts. However, getting all the facts will not help until we’re analyzing and explaining them. Simply writing the facts on a piece of paper and stating the problem clearly will go a long way towards reaching a reasonable decision. A stated problem is a half-solved problem. Therefore it is necessary to conduct a true analysis.   

b)  Analysis of facts:        

Fifty percent worries vanished after going to a clear decision, decisively; and another forty percent that usually disappears after starting to make that decision. So we will address ninety percent of our worries by asking the following questions:

Question 1: What am I worried about?

Question 2: What can I do about it?

Question 3: This is what I will do about it.

Question 4: When will I start doing it?

Write answers to the above questions and in turn solve it in the answer above, in many cases after written will have a plan for what to worry there.

Summary Part 2: The rules of how to stop worrying

Rule 1: Get the truth. Remember that half the world’s anxiety is caused by trying to decide before you know to base it and make a decision.

Rule 2: After carefully considering all the facts, make a decision.

Rule 3: Once a decision is made, act carefully. Be busy making decisions and get rid of any worries about the results.

Rule 4: When to worry about a problem, please write down and answer the following questions:

– What is the problem?       

– What is the cause of the problem?        

–  What are all possible solutions?       

–  What is the best approach?       

3)  Breaks the habit of anxiety before it breaks you      

a)  Be busy      

It is difficult to be worried while busy doing something demanding to plan and think. The great scientist, Pasteur, spoke of “the peace found in libraries and laboratories”. Because people in libraries and laboratories are often so engrossed in their duties to worry about themselves, they rarely suffer from a mental breakdown, they don’t have time for such luxuries. Keeping busy helps eliminate worry because the human mind no matter where excellence to be completely unable to think about more than one thing at any given time. Any psychiatrist will say that the way to stop worrying is to keep busy.   

To get rid of the habit of anxiety:

  • Be busy, this is the kind of drug the cheapest and the best there is on this earth.         
  • To sort habit l o sedimentation before it breaks you: A thirstily allow yourself upset by small things that should despise and forget. Remember “Life is too short to be worried and upset by the small things.”       

b)  Cooperating with inevitable things      

The fact is we have to cooperate with the inevitable things of life. When encountered in a difficult situation, if you can do anything, it should do, If not, they should forget it, don’t worried about the future. There are many things, things will affect the future and no one can know what might happen in the future. So don’t worry about it, the only way to be happy is to stop worrying about things beyond our willpower. Be brave and wise to know the difference, to change, and accept those things not be avoided. This is the best advice on how to stop worrying.    

Anxious to give up the habit before it breaks you, the rule is: Accept and patch partnership with the inevitable.

c)  Place a “Stop Loss” order for your worries      

Basil we often overpaying for something that it needs from the very existence of us. Let’s place a stop-loss order for immediate worries. We are wasting our lives. Let’s say ‘Enough’ right now, this is one of the secrets mailings largest to succeed. Basil could kill fifty percent of all the worries at once if we develop a kind of gold standard of what value for life. So here’s the Rule: Whenever you want to throw away worries, stop and ask yourself these three questions: 

How much does this worry me about what matters to me?       

When will I place a “stop-loss” order for this worry and forget it?       

Exactly how much will I pay for this worry? Did I pay more than it was worth?         

Summary Part 3: How to break the habit of anxiety before it breaks you.

Remove the worry from your mind by keeping you busy. A lot of busy action is one of the best treatments ever devised to cure anxiety symptoms.         

Don’t be noisy about trifles. Don’t allow the small things, the mere termites of life, to destroy your happiness.         

Cooperation with the inevitable. If you know a situation that is beyond the power to change or modify, tell yourself “It is so; it cannot be different.”         

Place a “stop-loss” order for your worries. Decide how much anxiety can have, and the value of those worries.         

4)  Always keep the spirit of optimism      

Far the most important lesson that we’ve learned is the importance of what they are not a thought. Our thoughts affect not picking the spirit and the fate determinants of us? The great philosophers who ruled the Roman Empire summarized eight words that can determine the fate of man: “Our life is what our thoughts create it”. If we think that happiness, we will be happy; If we think the suffering, we will hurt suffering; If we think the fear, we fear; If we think the illness, we probably will get sick; If we think failure, accumulators sure we will fail; If we wallow in self-pity, everyone will want to shun and avoid us? So we should have a positive attitude instead of a negative attitude. In other words, we need to be concerned about issues but not worried. All that one achieves is a direct result of his thoughts…Fight for happiness by living a happy, constructive day-to-day life with an attitude, optimism love life.          

5)  Take pity and resentment not our enemy      

When we hate and resent our enemies, we will empower them: the power of our sleep, our appetite, our blood pressure, our health, and our happiness. Enemies if they did we, not worry about how they will look rubbing their hands if they know that hatred of us against them makes us exhausted, heart disease, fatigue, ruining our appearance and possibly shortening our lives. Even if you can’t love your enemies, at least love yourself. Loves himself so much that would not allow the enemy to control happiness, our health. Love your enemies, bless them, do good even if they hate you and persecute you, an attitude of not resentment will bring you peace and happiness, remember: Never try to be resentful even to our enemies, because doing so will hurt you more than hurting them, never waste even one minute thinking about our people dislike.     

6)  Pay attention to blessings, good things, not troubles.      

Approximately ninety percent of the things in life we are right and the ten percent that’s who. If you want happiness, want to reduce the anxiety, all that we have to do is focus on ten percent of it and ignore ninety percent. There are two things to aim to in life: first, achieve desire want and then enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind achieve the second. If we want to stop worrying and start living. The rule is: Concerned with the blessing, good luck, but not the trouble.      

7)  Do a good deed every day to bring smile and happiness      

Life an act of goodwill always bring a smile and joy on the faces of people others. Because trying to please others will make us stop thinking about ourselves which is what creates anxiety, fear, and melancholy. Therefore necessary to make others happy to nine we are happy, happy taking communication, deny that giving, us? A will receive. By helping someone and giving love, he will conquer anxiety and sadness. Do the best for the other person is not an obligation, a pleasure, because it increases the gold and silver and your happiness. When you’re good to others, being good to yourself will also help you make more friends and have more fun. So any good thing you can do or any kindness there, do it now. If you want to dispel anxiety and foster peace and happiness, here is Rule: Forget yourself by becoming interested in other people. Doing a good deed every day will put a smile on someone’s face.       

8)  Take care of your mental health      

For mental health, use the following:

Healthy eating: Whole fruits, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains are easier to soothe your body than junk food.         

Exercise: Exercise can release endorphins, help reduce stress, and keep your mind clear.         

Develop plans: When faced with anything, proceed to collect information and develop a treatment plan. Being confident can naturally reduce anxiety.         

Always be grateful: Put all the positive energy in the world in your heart and maintain an optimistic way of thinking.         

Summary: How to cultivate a spiritual attitude that brings you peace and happiness.

Rule 1: Let us fill our minds with thoughts of our peace, courage, health, and hope.       

Rule 2: We should never try to resent even our enemies, because we will hurt ourselves and hurt them, never waste a minute thinking about things people we don’t like.       

Rule 3: Counting your blessings is not your problem.       

Rule 4: Let us not imitate others. Find yourself and be yourself.         

Rule 5: Let’s forget our unhappiness by trying to create a little happiness to people others. When you are good to others, you are best for yourself.          

Rule 6: Always take care of your mental health.       

9)  Pray      

Pray helps to accurately express what is troubling and worrying for us. Praying in some way, very much like writing on paper. If you need help with an issue you need to put it into words.         

Pray for us to feel the burden of sharing, not loneliness. Few people can be strong to be able to bear the heavy burden, the most painful troubles of life. Sometimes our worries are so close that we cannot discuss them even with our relatives or our closest friends. So prayer is the answer. When we cannot speak to anyone else we can always speak to God.         

Prayer is put into a working principle, which is the first step to action. Prayer is the most powerful form of energy that humans can create.        

10)  Keep calm attitude when critics and criticism 

Never sad bothered by what people say, the only way we can avoid all criticism is “Do what you feel is right for d buzzing you will be criticized”. So get acquainted with the idea, “Just smile.” That motto is especially good when you are the victim of unfair criticism. You can reply, but what can people say to people who “just smile “. When you are unfairly criticized, remember the Rule:       

Remember that unfair criticism is often a disguised compliment.         

Do your best and then take your umbrella up and keep the criticism rain so it runs down the back of your neck.       

11) Mounted against tired, anxious to keep the energy and high morale. 

a)  Prevent fatigue and yoke for an extra hour every day to life.      

Mounted prevent fatigue-related intimately to worry because fatigue often creates anxiety or at least it makes you susceptible to worry about. Mounted against fatigue will help prevent anxiety. You not to worry if you relax, so to avoid fatigue and anxiety, the first rule is: Rest often, to draft rest before you get tired. Because of the accumulated fatigue with incredible speed. After lunch, registration n should go to bed once 15 to 45 minutes; rushing the way up to bed once and slept a short 15 to 45 minutes before dinner, rest often will be able to work, and healthy until midnight. Resting is doing nothing but resting is letting your body regenerate, even taking a five-minute nap will help reduce fatigue. If you can’t take a nap in the afternoon, at least you can try to lie down and keep your mind calm, not thinking about anything, this is an effective and cheaper method than any other method. If you can sleep for an hour at about six or seven, you can add an hour each day to your life. Because one hour of the nap or before dinner plus six hours of sleep at night, a total of seven hours is better than eight hours of incessant sleep. Draft regular rest, resting before you get tired and you will add one hour a day in his life.        

b)  How to against the tired     

This is an incredible and important fact: The work cannot be tiresome. Sounds ridiculous, scientists have discovered that blood passes through the brain, when it works, not tired at all. If you take blood from a worker’s veins while he is working during the day, you will find it full of toxins. Until the brain is at rest it can function as well and quickly at the end of eight or even twelve hours as it initially. The brain is completely tireless….. So your cost of all our tiredness comes from the spiritual, emotional attitude. The depletion of energy completely is rare. One hundred percent of sedentary fatigue in good health is due to psychological and emotional factors. Rarely cause fatigue if you have a good sleep or rest… Worry, stress, and emotional discomfort are 3 of the biggest causes of fatigue and depression. Relaxation is a good habit, and you can begin to relax with your mind or nerves. Always start to relax with muscles, to show how it is done, suppose we start with the eyes, read through this paragraph, and when it has reached the end, lean back, close your eyes, and tell the eyes: Let go, n ginger strain, stop frowning. Repeat several times very slowly in a minute…. after a few seconds the eye muscles begin to follow, you feel like some hand has cleared the tension. This is the whole key and secret to the art of relaxation. You can do the same thing with your jaw, your face muscles, your drive, your shoulders, your whole body. But most importantly the eyes, to say that if you can completely relax the eye muscles, you can forget all your troubles. The reason eyes are so important in relieving nervous tension is that they collect a quarter of all the energy consumed by the body. That is also why so many people with perfect eyesight suffer from “eye strain” because they are straining their eyes. Start by relaxing your eye muscles and face “Let go and relax.” Feel the energy flowing out of your face from the muscles to the center of the body. Here are the g oi reviews will help you learn how to relax:           

Relax anytime, anywhere when possible.          

Work, as much as possible, in a comfortable position. Remember that stress causes shoulder pain and mental fatigue.         

Check yourself four or five times a day and say to yourself: Am I using muscles not related to work? This will help you form a relaxation routine.       

c)  Avoid being tired and staying young

Keep a notebook or book store concept, the book s drive this will record all the poems, or words of prayer short, or quotations. When you are mentally low or stressed, you can find a good thing in this book to dispel melancholy.          

Don’t be too concerned about other people’s shortcomings.         

Be interested and relationship development system friendly, healthy people, and share your life.         

Schedule for the work of the day before you go to bed: many feels was given troubled by a never-ending round of job things customs do and not now complete the work. They are chased by watches with feelings of hurry and anxiety. If you have a schedule for the next day, you will feel less tired; a sense of pride and achievement; and the best time to rest and relax. Women will make is if the mind and spirit are comfortable relaxations.            

Avoid stress and fatigue. Relax and Relax! Nothing will make you look older when stressed and tired.           

If you cannot lie down, you can sit down on a chair like a statue and let your hands rest, palms facing down, on the top of your thighs; Slowly stretch your toes to let them relax, do this from the bottom upwards with all the muscles of the body. Then go to the beginning and b drink hand to the stretch; Calms your nerves with slow, steady breathing. Breathe rhythm is one of the best methods to do nerves. Think about the wrinkles and fine lines on your face, exhale and flatten them. Doing twice a day you probably won’t have to go to a beauty salon to massage and beauty.            

d)  Restrict the boredom that causes creates fatigue, anxiety, and p solder it.     

One of the main reasons causing fatigue is boring, blood pressure high, and reduced oxygen consumption. Conversely, the metabolism takes place immediately at the start had left feeling excited v ới joy in work. We rarely get tired of doing something interesting and engaging. Let the house of boredom is cause fatigue in the work. If you are a mind-working person, rarely the amount of work will be exhausting. Which is mostly tired of worry, frustration, and resentment. The lucky ones are those who can do the things they push and they have more energy, happier, less anxious, and less fatigue over; in love where you are, will have your energy there. Acting as if you care about your work tends to increase mental excitement, reduce fatigue, stress, and anxiety.    

Go to the gym or swim every morning, do exercise will awaken out of sleep, but we need even more than one exercise mentality every morning to stir into action. Talk to yourself every day, our lives are what our charisma creates. By talking to yourself every day, you will be able to direct yourself to think about courage and happiness. By talking to yourself about the things you are grateful for will be able to fill your mind with uplifting and happy thoughts.  

By thinking through the right thoughts, you can make your work less distracting. Remind yourself that it can double the happiness will get from life, whether spent about half the time at work and if you do not find happiness at work will never find it anywhere. Remind yourself that getting interested in the job will remove the minds of asked the worry and the long term can bring a promotion at work and will help reduce fatigue and take enjoy hours of entertainment.  

Summary: Ways to prevent fatigue and anxiety and keep you energized and mentally high.

Rule 1: Rest before you are tired.         

Rule 2: Learn to relax at your job.       

Rule 3: Protects the health and your appearance by relaxing.       

12) Find a job where you can be happy and successful. 

This content is for those who have not found the right job, it has a profound meaning and affects the choice of work for your life. If you are under eighteen, you will probably be called upon to take advantage of two important decisions in life, decisions that will change and eat h entitled to happiness, income your health; The decision can make or break you. These two decisions are: 

Number 1: How will you make a living? You will become a farmer, a Shipment, a chemist, forest wardens, a stenographer, a business, a university professor, or as a waiter.

Number 2: Who will you choose as a parent for your child? Both great decisions are often as unlucky as gambling. 

Try to find a job you like if possible. The biggest mistake young people make is that while looking for a job, they don’t know what they want to do, it’s terrifying to realize that a person will think a lot more about buying a set of clothes to choose from choosing the job. The choice of career depends on the future; happiness and peace of mind based on a belief in the importance of work. However, consider carefully the advice of your parents, they may have lived twice as much as you, they have achieved this kind of intellect that comes only from experience and over many years. But in the end, you are the one who must make the decision. You are a person who will be happy or miserable in your work. The way you choose a job will determine your own life. A few warnings about choosing your job:

  • Make research the following suggestions :

–    Do not listen to anyone who tells you that they have a system that will show you “Career Talents”. In this group are phrenologist, astrologer, character analyst, handwritten expert… Their system ‘is not working.              

–    Do not listen to anyone who tells you that they can give you a test to indicate the career you should choose. One such person violates the principle that trade must take into account the physical condition, society, and the economy around.                

–    Search for a career counselor who has a complete career information library and uses it in the counseling process.            

–    A thorough career guidance service often requires more than one interview.            

–    Never accept job guidance by mail.            

  • Stay away from business activities and professions that have been flooded: There are many different ways to make a living, the young people should know this unless they are people with the information provided. In one school, two-thirds of male students limit their choice of career years, five of hone fifty thousand; four out of five girls do the same. They tried to pass the overcrowded areas such as law, journalism, radio, motion photos…   
  • Stay away from activities where opportunity is only one of the ten possibilities for a living.
  • Spend weeks or even several months, if necessary, learn everything you can know about a career before deciding to devote your life to it b deny that interviewing people who have spent ten, twenty, or forty years in that profession. These interviews can have a profound effect on your future. Example of an architect job: 
  • If you had your life to live, would you become an architect again?
  • After you advise me, I want to ask you if you think I have what it takes to succeed as an architect.
  • Is the architecture profession too crowded?
  • If I studied architecture for four years, would it be difficult for me to find a job? What kind of the first job would I have to do?
  • If I were average, how much could I expect to earn in the first five years?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of being an architect?
  • If I were your son, would you advise me to become an architect?
  • Overcome the belief that you are only equipped for a single career. Every ordinary person can succeed in some careers and probably will fail in many professions.

13)  Stop worrying about matters financial 

According to a survey, bay fifty percent of all the worries of us? A is in finance, most people believe that they will no longer worry about finance if they can increase earnings further ten sections hundred. That is true in many cases, but surprisingly some cases are not true. More money is not the answer to most people’s financial worries. The increase in income is nothing but an increase in spending and a headache. What causes anxiety and headache are because we do not know l àm how to can start budgeting and build a plan. Here are 9 financial related rules.     

Rule 1: Write a spending plan on paper.       

Rule 2: Get a budget that fits your needs.       

Rule 3: Learn how to spend wisely.       

Rule 4: Try to build credit, in case you have to borrow.         

Rule 5: Protect yourself from illness, fire, and emergency expenses.       

Rule 6: Teach your children a responsible attitude toward money.       

Rule 7: Presses, earn a little money from the extra work.       

Rule 8: Do not ever gamble.       

Rule 9: If we can’t improve our financial situation, be content with what we have, and stop resenting what can’t be changed.       

If we cannot improve our financial situation, perhaps we can improve our attitude toward it. Remember that other people are also worried about their finances. If you can’t get everything you want, don’t poison our days and ruin things with worry and resentment. Be good to yourself. If you do not feel enough with what is currently, you will suffer even if you own the world. And remember that even if you own the world, you can only eat three meals a day and sleep only in one bed.    

14)  Dispel worries 

Five methods to dispel fears

  • Read history: Try to get a perspective on history for at least a few thousand years and see how trivial your troubles are compared to history. You can become an optimist when you are bored with the current situation. But within an hour of worrying will disappear because you realize that the world is always in a painful state, civilization is always on the edge. Historical pages with tragic stories of war, famine, poverty, disease, and inhumanity to humans. You will realize that as bad as the conditions now are also infinitely better than history. This allows you to see and face your current troubles and realize that the entire world is constantly evolving. This is very worthwhile information for you to know and be satisfied with the present life.           
  • Always remember the vital importance of your spiritual attitude, of enjoying life while you can. So live every day now as if it were the first day it was ever seen and the last to see. You need to be excited about your daily life and no one in a state of excitement will be troubled with anxiety, one of the main reasons for success in life is excitement and enthusiasm.         
  • When anxious to read a book, it will make you relax because of engrossed reading and forgot despair. When depressed terrible considerate exercise morning, then a bath, eat lunch and play sports, depression, and anxiety will disappear with sweat and fatigue of the body.      
  • To avoid the madness, hurry and work under stress when too many cabinets to be done at once, please sit down to relax for an hour and do nothing.     
  • Patience and time will solve our problems. When to worry about something, try to recognize his troubles in proper perspective and told herself: Two months before I would not worry about the disruption worse, so Why did not worry about it now? Why not suppose now the same attitude I will have two months from now. The best antidote for anxiety is exercise, using more muscles and fewer brains so that when you’re worried you will be surprised at the results.          

Summary of important key points:

  1. If you spend half of your time and energy on solving problems on how to stop worrying, you won’t have any worries. Anxiety is just a bad habit you have learned. Rule to break the habit of anxiety:      

Rule 1. Find out exactly what you are worried about.       

Rule 2. Find out the cause of the problem.       

Rule 3. Do something constructive to solve the problem, can see that the problem of you is a mistake, a mismatch to find out what causes you anxiety and respect face them practically.       

  • When worry small and uncertain bothering you, you expel it by reminding myself: I’ve hit bottom and stood hips have nowhere to go now, steamed get it not inevitable. Anxiety will reduce vitality and weaken success. So little by little, make a system for me. Here are some of the things to do:          
  • The pungent reminder of the futility yourself when anxious. Most anxiety has been resolved when you are worried about something because it did not happen and may never happen. Life is very short to live, so to enjoy life. Nothing more important than health, always reminding yourself that insomnia and anxiety will ruin your health, by saying these things to yourself repeatedly, night after night, year after year, will be able to dismiss many worries a lot.           
  • Always pray, this is the Article may do best to fight with courage and confidence.         
  • During all the trouble, do two things that do not indulge yourself: worry and discouragement of life with resentment. First, keep yourself busy during the day, so there is little time to think about out tangled her and vomiting repeatedly said: Now, listen, as long as you can walk and feed themselves and not severe pain, you should be mains happiest in the world buzzing matter what happens, never forget as long as you live. Monday I’m busy. The secret of misery is that you are concerned about whether you are happy or not. Keep running, keep busy.          
  • If you have something to worry about, take a pencil and a piece of paper and write down details of what worries you. Then put that piece of paper in the right drawer below your desk. Wait a few weeks and then look at it. If you write down what you still do not worry read it, put it back into the paper drawer of your right hand. Leave it there for another two weeks. It will be safe and nothing will happen to it. But in the meantime, a lot of things can happen to the problem that is worrying you. It is advice that has been used for many years now. Time solves a lot of things and also solves what you are worried about today.           
  • Do not try to speak or move even a finger as soon as you seem to be relaxing at all.        
  • Working is a good habit to control anxiety because.       
  • Too busy to wallow in self-destructive anxiety         
  • This is a great rejection that does not move from one task to another, it will clear all thoughts about previously thought problems and cleanse the mind.       
  • Each person always has one or more unresolved issues that require attention. All these issues must be removed from the mind when closing the desk. If you bring these problems to go home every night and not worry about them will damage the health of you and will destroy all the ability to deal with them.          
  • How to overcome anxiety:      
  • See how useless it is; It is nowhere.       
  • See it will ruin health.       
  • Keep yourself airflow busy and work without time to worry.       
  • Seriously implement the rule: never talk to the mistakes of someone for twenty-four hours. Criticizing a person in front of others does not make him want to cooperate. The cardinal after a failure never discussed failure with them until the next day. Until then, have cooled, the mistakes are not too large and can talk calmly and will not cause anger and tried to defend themselves.           
  • Inspire people by building them with praise instead of tearing them up with faults.         
  • Worry much will be tired; So spend eight hours in bed every night and take a nap every afternoon. Even a five-minute nap also helps the utility lot. (Refer How to Sleep Better)         
  • Extend his life by Avoid anxiety and hips never worry about any Article What, in any case; Relaxing and soothing exercise outdoors; Following the diet, always stop eating while still slightly hungry.         


Thanks to life for the privilege of living in a wonderful world. When reading the article it should emphasize a teaser section applies to the issue and use it because it was written as a guide to a new way of life. If you want to make the most of this content, there is an indispensable requirement, an essential thing that is more important than any rule or technique. It is a need for a deep, strong determination to learn, stop worrying, and start living. By constantly reminding ourselves of the importance of these principles; Visualize how you master life will help you live rich, happy. So if you wish to master the principles please stasis use it everywhere. You will form a new habit, a new way of living. That will require time, perseverance, and daily application. Refer to it often and consider it a guide to conquering anxiety.